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Government Funding

Improve Productivity & Reduce Costs with funding from NSW Government

NSW Department of Education & Training - State Training Services has announced CTPM is now an approved provider ... Funding is now available!

Funding of $900 (metropolitan) or $1,125 (regional) may be available for employees engaged in an approved development program under the 2011 - 2012 Approved Provider List (APL) Contract (as varied from 1 January 2014) known as the Strategic Skills Program for Existing Workers obtaining Part Qualifications. This training is funded by the NSW Government in partnership with the Commonwealth Government.

CTPM can provide a range of single units within the Competitive Systems and Practices Cert III or Cert IV framework. Download a copy of our "NSW Government Funding Brochure" for a sample of actual units, resulting in real business improvement results.

More Funding Opportunities on Offer...

Which funding best suits your site? Please contact CTPM Head Office on +61 2 4246 6184 and talk to Nelson Rodrigues our RTO Compliance Officer about the different opportunities available!