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Connecting the CI Community of Australasia through our Company Membership Program.

We have been assisting Australian and New Zealand companies in their Continuous Improvement journeys for 20 years, over which time we have built up a significant knowledge base and network.

We believe it is now time to share with the broader CI Community of Australasia to ensure all companies are able to further develop their in-house CI capability.

This program is open to any site or department wishing to learn more about CI by sharing their learnings to the mutual benefit of Australasian Industry.

A key focus of our approach is to facilitate learning between sites or departments when it is convenient for all concerned, rather than be prescriptive with a set of pre-arranged events.

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Total flexibility to suit your specific needs
  • Opportunity to develop relationships with other sites or departments facing similar challenges or who have overcome the challenges you face
  • Access to the knowledge of our team of experienced CI Specialists who collectively have 135 years industry experience; 60 years consulting / facilitating / training experience and 50 years at CTPM
  • Access to over 12 years of benchmarking data on Australasia industry with simple tools to assess how your site compares in relation to Quality, Delivery. People Engagement, Maintenance Effectiveness and Workplace Culture