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About CTPM

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Event Brochures & Registration Forms

Find out more about each workshop by viewing our information brochures which also includes a registration form.

Leadership/Instructors Course -
Wollongong (February)

Getting CI to Sustain
Perth (February) , Brisbane (March), Melbourne (March), Auckland (April), Sydney (May) & Adelaide (May)

Solve Reactive Problems to Root Cause
Perth (February) & Brisbane (March)

Develop an Effective Daily Review Process
Perth (February) & Brisbane (March)

Create Operator Equipment Care

Melbourne (March) & Auckland (April)

Enhance Maintenance Capability
Melbourne (March) & Auckland (April)

Maintenance Excellence for Leaders - Sydney (May)

Get New Equipment Right the First Time
Sydney (May) & Adelaide (May)

Get Changeovers Quicker - Adelaide (May)

More @ CTPM

We are a membership-based organisation assisting companies since 1996 to develop and unleash the full potential of their people, equipment and processes using our proven TPM & Lean (TPM3) approach.

Our team of Continuous Improvement Specialists (CTPM Navigators), will work with your site to get your equipment and people working perfectly so as to increase productivity, reduce costs and create a safer workplace.

CTPM Webinars

A FREE 30 minute web-based training session, you watch on your computer. The CTPM Webinars consist of a slideshow presentation along with live audio from one of our experienced Navigators. Most importantly, there are no travel or hotel expenses and you have the ability to participate from any chosen location (home, work or internationally).

Next Webinar Tuesday 17 March @11am AEDT -

Challenges of enhancing Maintenance Capability to support Operator Equipment Care

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